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What Is the best cure for back pain? >

woman walking her dogToday, health care professionals believe that activity is the key to getting better - faster. Even when you feel back pain, you can participate in low-impact exercise without further straining your back. Good examples include: walking, swimming, riding an exercise bike, dancing and yoga.


How common is back pain >

man holding lower backMore than 80 per cent of adults experience back pain, however serious injury is uncommon.

How serious is back pain? >

back anatomyYour spine is one of the strongest parts of your body. It is made of solid bony blocks joined by discs to give it strength and flexibility. It is reinforced by strong ligaments and is protected by large muscles. Most simple back strains do not cause any lasting damage.

What are some way to relieve pain
during recovery >

icebagIf you experience pain while resuming activity, it may be helpful to modify your job duties, or take some pain relievers. Heat or cold applied to the painful area can also provide relief.

Can x-rays and MRI scans detect the
cause of back pain? >

x-ray of backX-rays and MRI scans can detect serious spinal injuries, but they don’t usually help with ordinary back pain. They may even be misleading. Doctors sometimes mention ‘degeneration’ which sounds frightening, but is simply a natural part of the aging proces ... just like grey hair.

What are some ways to prevent
back injury? >

light hand-weight and resistance bandsFor a healthy back, it’s important to build strong, flexible muscles that support the spinal column and help you to maintain good posture. Weak or tight muscles make back injury more likely and recovery more difficult. You can help to keep your muscles healthy by exercising and stretching regularly. This will help you:

Build strength and endurance for better spinal column support and posture.

Stretch muscles that may be shortened and that are therefore causing imbalances.

Maintain joint mobility.




snap shots of activities

Building habits you can stick with for a lifetime is key.

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